Generate some helper code for a JPA Entity based on an Oracle database

java jpa oracle

Being a lazy developer, I don’t like writing repetitive code and I think none of the developers enjoy it. So as being one, you start looking into options to avoid those tasks. This time, I looked into a reverse engineer tool for JPA entities. There are tools around and also IDE’s include fancy wizards to do so but so far I didn’t like them. They mostly were either verbose, slow or just not doing what I needed.

13 Feb 2016

A JavaOne rookie experience


Being part of JavaOne this year and including oracle open world as well was pretty special. As a Java developer you know that JavaOne was always the conference to go to. With Oracle acquiring Sun this has changed according to people who experienced both. Nevertheless it was pretty excited and being there on invitation of Oracle is something I’m oracle grateful for. With an a absense of 20 years in the US being back here was another good thing.

4 Nov 2015

Publish your Java libraries to a Maven repository with Gradle

gradle java

Introduction A while ago I was working on a set of libraries that should be shared among several different projects. Most of these projects are based on Gradle and are using Maven repositories for the dependency management. Although the Gradle documentation describes how you can push versions of your library to a repository, I had to collect my information from several locations and combine them into one working solution. So maybe this working example is useful for others too.

18 Oct 2015

Cached credentials in http basic authentication


After some radio silence, it’s time for a short post. Being busy with Duchenne Heroes last year and some weeks of snowboarding I’m posting a new blog about Java’s AuthCache to avoid breaking other people’s head as it broke mine. Two weeks ago I was working on a connection with a common webservice which authentication was based on plain http basic authentication. I used CXF as a client library to handle the plumbing for me, the basic code looked like this: JaxWsProxyFactoryBean clientFactory = new JaxWsProxyFactoryBean(); clientFactory.setAddress(""); clientFactory.setServiceClass(MyLocalInterface.class); clientFactory.setUsername("rob"); clientFactory.setPassword("secret"); fundaSoap = clientFactory.create(MyLocalInterface.class); From the start this worked great and simple, till the moment that I set up another connection based on the same url but other credentials…… That’s where the problem began.

11 Jun 2011 #java #LinkedIn

Finally did my SCJP6 exam!


Long time no blog, the explanation is here. After three years of having the good intention, I finally motivated myself to take the SCJP exam. From the moment I started working after my study, I told myself many times that I should for some Java certification. Just to prove that I understand what I’m doing. So I started reading in the SCJP 5 study guide (the Sierra and Bates book), and started several times…..

11 May 2010 #java

NLJug J-Fall 2010


Wednesday the 11th of november I visited JFall for the second time. This is the yearly event of the Dutch Java usergroup next to the JSpring in april. I attended on several sessions targetting especially new Java developments. For example the big improvements in JDK 7 where I was interested in. Keynote - Enterprise 2.0: New Technologies, Innovations and Communities (Reginald Hutcherson) Speed up your applications with Java SE 7 (Jeroen Borgers) Scaling Out with Hadoop and NoSql (Age Mooij) Keynote - Adobe Systems (Christophe Coenraets) The Quest for Parallelism: How To ‘upgrade’ Your Application (Jan-Hendrik Kuperus) JDK 7, What’s in it and what’s not (Simon Ritter) Google Wave: what is it, and how does it work?

18 Nov 2009 #java #nljug

Using a custom Oracle collection type with iBatis


Some months ago I came across a problem with the more complex custom Oracle types in combination with iBatis. I thought that it would be nice to share it with you. In my case I had to link a list of objects in Java to an array of structs in SQL (Oracle). The biggest part of the trick is inside a custom type handler, which is actually a helper class with two important methods, the setParameter and the getResult.

17 Sep 2009 #iBatis #java

AOP Advices and Aspect combinations

java spring

It’s about a month ago that I was completely stucked with a Spring AOP configuration. While working on a better transaction management (see older post), I kept struggling in a circle of either a non functioning transaction system or broken AOP aspects. It really drove me nuts so I decided to avoid that pain for somebody else. No examples and code this time, just a simple pointer to the Spring documentation (which clearly took too much time to find :)).

14 Jun 2009 #AOP #java #spring

Find bugs with findbugs


This week a colleague of mine mentioned me about a nice tool called findBugs (open source). So I started reading about it and till that point I was never really interested in “code analysis tools”, since that’s what findBugs is. Since I’m much more fan of some action instead of reading pages of documentation I installed the Eclipse plugin and ran a check on my current project. And I was surprised!

14 Feb 2009 #Eclipse #java #LinkedIn