About me

Who’s Rob

I bet you’re able to figure this out through my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account. But in short, I’m a Dutch software developer. Mainly focused on Java platforms. Over the last year I’m more and more involved in Javascript frameworks too. Especially Angularjs has my attention. And from an architectural point of view, I’m excited about Microservices. For all other interest, see the social media.

What’s Tigrou

Back in the old days, I’d say around the year 2001, I needed a own domain for practicing with custom webservers, mailservers, small Linux servers, etcetera. As being a developer, coming up with good names is never easy. At that moment my sister Ilona just gave me small gift from Eurodisney. A tigrou cup. Tigrou is French for the tiger in the cartoon Pooh bear. So I registered tigrou.nl and kept it with me over the years.

21 Feb 2010