A new blog, a new try


Back in 2009 I started my blog, just to push myself in practicing all kind of new technologies and share my findings with other developers. Somewhere in 2012 this goal was somewhat out of sight. So, a good reason to pick this up where it’s left. Or, actually not, I logged in in my Wordpress installation and wasn’t happy with that. Wordpress is great and years ago it was a good cms for blogs too, but these days I’d say it’s converted into a more mature cms covering much more aspects then a simple blog. Apart from that, I remembered that I struggled with formatting in those wysiwyg editors.

The new blog system had to be simple and fast and there shouldn’t be any blocking issue which would keep me from writing posts. Since the major growth of Github, Jekyll has won in popularity too but I remembered that I’d seen another new kid in town too: Hugo. So I gave my 5 minutes rule* a try. Due to the clear quickstart, I had an empty blog up and running in no time. Migrating my wordpress content to markdown files was easy too. And after a few hours everything was up and running.

Major benefits of Hugo for me:

  • Easy to setup
  • Superfast
  • Integrates nicely with Github
  • I can simply write blog posts in Sublime Text or Brackets
  • Does nothing more then I need

To be expected in near future:

  • Some small code and script sharing
  • Javascript and Rest based posts
  • Spring framework related stuff

* 5 minutes rule: check a technology/framework/library/language and if it doesn’t make sense after five minutes, drop it.

28 Feb 2015 #blog #2015