Finally did my SCJP6 exam!


Long time no blog, the explanation is here.

After three years of having the good intention, I finally motivated myself to take the SCJP exam. From the moment I started working after my study, I told myself many times that I should for some Java certification. Just to prove that I understand what I’m doing. So I started reading in the SCJP 5 study guide (the Sierra and Bates book), and started several times…..

A lot of information was pretty interesting but on the other hand I couldn’t really motivate myself to learn on exotic facts which I never use in practice. Due that fact, I quit learning on SCJP5. Last year I finally picked it up again by buying the Java 6 version of the Sierra and Bates book. Again fighting with the same contradicting facts of useful and useless knowledge but now determined to finish it!

I’ll give a short summary of how I studied. Started with reading the book and making notes for every chapter. After each chapter, I made the test questions and reviewed them. I added the best practices to the notes and learned from my mistakes which were for 50% just silly and stupid ones. After finishing the book, I never opened it again. From that moment I started practicing by just writing several small test applications to get a feeling with several subjects. And doing different mock tests. I would like to mention and recommend the examlab software from Devaka Cooray, it’s free and is really approaching the real exam.

So that’s it for now. I’m currently working on bookmarkeable ajax urls and back button support for ajax urls in php based on CodeIgniter and JQuery. I’ll definitely post my solution here once it’s a bit finished. And not unimportant, I’m about to leave for a trip to India (for work), maybe I’ll write something about that as well.

Oh but now the most important, the result of my exam:

Passed with a 85% score

What’s next:

  • Training and collecting for Duchenne Heroes 2010
  • Then thinking about another certification
  • Drinking a beer to celebrate my score


  • Be very secure!! Most of my mistakes were not noticing minor, non-head braking things.
  • Read a good book, make notes, re-read those notes several times
  • Practice as much as you can on mock tests (for example
  • Visit the Javaranch SCJP forum, contains a lot of useful information
  • Have fun!

11 May 2010 #java