NLJug J-Fall 2010


Wednesday the 11th of november I visited JFall for the second time. This is the yearly event of the Dutch Java usergroup next to the JSpring in april. I attended on several sessions targetting especially new Java developments. For example the big improvements in JDK 7 where I was interested in.

  • Keynote - Enterprise 2.0: New Technologies, Innovations and Communities (Reginald Hutcherson)
  • Speed up your applications with Java SE 7 (Jeroen Borgers)
  • Scaling Out with Hadoop and NoSql (Age Mooij)
  • Keynote - Adobe Systems (Christophe Coenraets)
  • The Quest for Parallelism: How To ‘upgrade’ Your Application (Jan-Hendrik Kuperus)
  • JDK 7, What’s in it and what’s not (Simon Ritter)
  • Google Wave: what is it, and how does it work? (Jos Dirksen)

(I translated some of the subjects to English)

Three of them had a lot in common, the speeding up, the parallelism and the jdk7 where the most interesting ones. The other sessions where more informative and for fun.

The subjects I was really excited about, are the new concurrency features in Java. Being this more and more important with the current multicore cpus and the cloud computing hype we can’t ignore it! And it’s not only faster, it’s also very cool and not even hard to give it a try as a normal programmer. I even think that this new stuff makes our live easier then the old fashioned threading stuff in Java 5 and earlier (a lot of new stuff in Java 7 is already available through Java 6 in the updates but often not enabled by default).

Some cool and nice features are:

  • Fork join framework (next step in parallelism, helps you execute task based procedures)
  • Escape analysis (improvement in allocating memory for objects based on the scope of the object)
  • Project jigsaw (module management)
  • Compressed 64 bit pointers (store 64 bit pointers in 32 bit)
  • Garbage first collector (new algorithm for garbage collecting)

That’s it for now, I didn’t have the time to start playing around with the new Beta of jdk7. Hope to get started soon!

18 Nov 2009 #java #nljug